Which Credit Repair Company is Better?

Credit repair companies help people raise their credit score by assisting in removing bad credit as well as adding positive credit to their credit reports. These are two of the largest and longest operating credit repair companies in the country. They each have been around for a number of years and combined they have serviced hundreds of thousands of credit repair clients and helped them remove millions of negative items from their credit reports.

Lexington Law
Ovation Credit
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creditrepairguy7/13/2011This is a tough call since they both offer excellent service and are clearly among the upper echelon of credit repair companies. Really, someone in need of credit repair would be well served to use either company.

I will give Lexington the edge because they have been around longer and seem to be more of an innovator. Is it typically Lexington that offers a service first and then that service gets adopted by others. Given that that is the case, I'll side with the company that does it first since they are more likely to be on the cutting edge and more likely to apply the newest techniques to improving their client's credit scores.